It is very easy to create a new event in Manor. Simply press the blue Create new button in the top right corner and select Event.

Then you will see the add new event modal window. There you can add event details.

  • Event name is the name of the event. You can always edit the name later.

  • Matter is an optional field. If you wish to assign this event to a matter other participant of the matter can see it and you can always see past events on the this matter's page.

  • Begins at is a time and a date at which the events will start. Be sure to set the correct time here because you can then set alerts to let you know with proper time clearance.

  • Ends at is a time and a date at which the event will end.

  • First alert is a notification that Manor will show you within Manor. If you are not logged in to Manor at the point of the alert we will send you an email and a text message 5 minutes later. Be sure your email and mobile umber are correctly set in your user profile.

  • Second alert is the same as first alert by nature but allows you to set an additional reminder.

  • Outlook alert is visible if you have connect Outlook to Manor. Then Outlook will also notify you about the event according to this alert setting.

  • Description is a description of this event. 

Once you are happy with the event details - just hit Save event. Well done!

Overview of all events

You can easily see all your events in a single place by pressing Events in the left menu. There you can search with the quick-filter or apply any of the filters to narrow your list of events.

Will my event show up in Outlook?

If you have the Outlook integration enabled it will show up instantly.