Mass actions within a single matter are easy to perform on billable items such as work, travel, product and expense entries. You can with one or two clicks change the properties of many entries at the same time. Lets take a look at how this works. Lets do a mass action on time entries since the action is almost identical for other billable items.

First you have to navigate to Matters and then to a specific matter you wish to work on.

On the single matter page you will find the Time area in the left column.

To edit many time entries at the same time you go to  click See more in the time entries area. Then you get a list of all the time entries in this matter. On the far left you can see check boxes and you should check the entries you wish to edit. Here we have checked two entries. We then can see a few blue buttons that each represent a mass action

Mass actions are almost the same for all billable items. Lets take a look at time entries.

  • Change payer allows you to change the payer for the selected time entries. If you change payers these entries will show up in billing for that payer. You can always change payer again and the entries will remain on this matter regardless of what payer is set to them. Note: You can not change the payer of an entry that has been billed.

  • Change user allows you to change the user that owns this entry. That means that if John added a time entry for Jane and forgot to pick her when he added it, he can change the user here. Then the entries will be billed for the correct users. Note: You can not change the user of an entry that has been billed.

  • Change rate allows you to change the rate on the selected time entries. In most cases a rate with the name of the user is used (read more on rates) but you can use any kind of rate approach and to change rate on time entries you can do it here. Note: You can not change the rate of an entry that has been billed.
  • Copy allows you to create new identical versions of the selected entries. You can then decide what timestamp to use for them and to which matter they should be copied. Pro tip: You can copy the entries to the same matter if you like and then you have duplicated the selected time entries.

  • Move allows you to take the selected entries and move them to another matter. After the move the time entries will be present in the new matter and not in the old matter. Note: You can not move an entry that has been billed.

I can not find the area in the left column

Normally when the time, travel, product or expense areas can not be found in the left column there is a reasonable explanation for it.

  • You are looking at a different matter.
  • You have not added any entries to this matter.
  • The entries already added were moved to another matter by your or a colleague.
  • The entries already added were deleted by you or a colleague.

If nothing of the above applies please contact Manor support for help. We store detailed audit data for all transactions within each firm and can restore backups within certain time frame. Please note that only Account Administrators can request us to restore data.