It is very easy to copy billable items - such as time, travel, products and expenses -  between matters. You simply navigate to the matter where the entries are and open up one of the areas. For an example we will move time entries from one matter to another so we will find the Time area n the left column. 

Now we can see the time entries assigned to this matter. In this example there is only one entry. 

Now we select the entry by checking the checkbox and then press the Copy button. Then we get a small window asking where the entry should be copied to. Just select the matter you wish to copythe entry to and hit Copy. 

Pro tip: You can copy to the same matter you are currently in. Then the entries are duplicated within the matter.

You get two options here.

  • Set item date and time to is what timestamps you wish to use for the copied entry. You can select Current date and time or keep old date and time. You make the call.

  • Copy items to matter is the matter you wish to copy the items to.

Now your done and the entry has been copied to the destination matter.

Can I copy billed entries?

Yes of course. No problem.