It is very easy to customize the week view so the start and end times fit your classic workday. By default we show the time range 8 am - 6 pm / 08:00-18:00 since that is a classic work day for most people. That can easily by adjusted. Here you can see the default setting.

To edit this range you go to Administration and then Settings. There you should find the Calendar working time area.

Now just press Edit and insert your own preference.

Lets say you wish to have the week view show 6am - 6pm / 06:00 - 18:00 then just update the settings, hit Save and you are done.

 The week view now has our preferred start and end points.

What if my time entry is outside of the week start/end times?

No problem. If you create a time entry that has 4 am - 6 am as start/end and your week view is set to start at 8 am then the view will change and now start at 4 am for this week. It is dynamic in a way that it includes all hours during that week and will extend the start/end time points to allow this to happen.

Pro tip: You can drag entries outside of the week time frame and then the week will respond and change its start or end times to accommodate all entries.