A time increment is the smallest amount of time you can create in the visual interface when adding time. This means that when you draw a time entry with your mouse it will grow/shrink in time increments. By default this increment is 15 minutes so you can draw entries that are 15, 30, 45, 60, etc minutes in size as shown here. 

The standard time increment is variable between countries and markets. That is why we made it very easy to edit the time increment size so you can draw exactly the entry size you need.

Just navigate to Administration and Settings. Find the area named Settings for time entries.

Once you change this the increment will change when adding time. Lets say we set the increment to 6 mintues then you will be able to draw time entries with your mouse in 6 minute increments as shown here.

Pro tip: You can always set each time entry to a specific start and end time, down to a single minute, by manually editing the entry.