Setting up your rates is very easy. You simply navigate to the Administration area and select Rates. There you can add different types of rates. 

Please note that the prices set here will apply to all clients and their matters unless you specify special prices on the client page or within the matter - if you do the most specific price will prevail.

Manor supports three types of rates:

  1. Work is a type of rate that applies to billable hours. When you add time to matters you can select any of the work rates available. If you set it to $100 it will be used to multiply the hours you add to the matter to figure out the price of the time entry.

  2. Travel is a type of rate that applies to distance traveled within a matter. When you add travel entries to a matter you can select any one of the travel rates available. If you set it to $1.5 that will be used to multiply the distance you travelled to find the final price of the travel entry.

  3. Product is a type of rate that applies to items you wish to charge to matters as pieces. This can be items such as "company bylaws" that you charge a fixed price for regardless of time and effort spent on it. You simply charge one piece of this product.

Special Rate for Each Employee

We strongly recommend that you add a single work rate for each person on staff. That way you can very easily modify prices by person for each client or each matter later on if you so please. This also helps greatly in all revenue reporting and analytics for the firm.

To add a rate for a single employee simply add a new rate that has the name of that employee and the employee then will use this rate for his time entries.

What is a Product?

Many firms have started selling their services as items instead of billable hours. This is very handy when you are selling standardized things such as bylaws for a new company. The price would then include what you think takes to make the product but for the client it is simply a single item that has a fixed price - very simple.

Special Price for a Client

It is easy to set special prices for specific clients. If you do they will prevail over the official prices. The special prices will apply to all of the client's matters unless you have specified a special price within any of the matters specifically. 

  • Setting Special Prices for a Client

Special Price for a matter

You can set special prices on any matter if you like. If you do they will prevail over your official prices and/or the client's special price.

  • Setting Special Prices for a Matter.

Prices in Different Currencies

It is very easy to set up prices in different currencies. Just press Prices in foreign currencies and you can set specific price for each rate.

Now you can see all of your rates and how they convert to different currencies. We use market exchange rates to do the conversion. If you would like to set a custom price in any of the currencies you can just press the blue Edit button to enable the edit mode. 

Then you can click the field you want to edit and enter a value. Here you can see an example where we set a custom price in British Pounds for a specific rate. Instead of the £808 we entered £1200. That will be the price for this rate for all clients that have British Pounds as their currency - unless you specify something more specific for the client rate or his matter rates.

Once you are done - just press Save.

Overview of all Prices

You can see an overview of the pricing landscape in your firm by pressing Pricing overview.