The Manor Service Portal is designed for your clients and as such is a white label solution which means that you can puyt your firm's name and logo on it, use your own URL (internet address) and so on. This enables you to offer your clients a branded and trusted solution for their service needs. All settings for the company details and service portal details are located under Administration and then Settings

Company name and logo

If you have already set your company name and logo your are set. If not find the Company details area on the Settings page. There you can set name, address and logo. This information is then used on the Service Portal on the login page, in the footer, in the header and so on.

Email sender address

When you add new users to the service portal or current users request a password reset we will send them an email. This email can be in your company's name and email address on the same lines as your branded service portal. In the Service Portal area in the Settings page you can add your firm's details.

Edit portal colors and css

Currently portal colors are in a light blue color palette and can not be modified.