It is very easy to change your password. You simply navigate to your profile page by clicking your name in the top.

Once on the profile page you press the Change password button.

Then you get the page for setting a new password.

Here you have to enter three things:

  • Old password is your current password.

  • New password can by anything you like as long as fits the criteria of a strong password. Only strong or very strong passwords are accepted. Adding at least one upper case letter, a lower case letter and a number will increase your password strength considerably.

  • New password confirmation is the same new password again. This is to make sure you did not make a typo in the previous field.

What is a strong password?

We are very concerned about your data safety and thus require a strong password. A weak password would be something very easy to guess by someone trying to gain access to your account, either a human or some kind of a bot. Lets see what is meant by a weak vs. strong password.

Here we tried to enter asdf as a password. That is to weak and not accepted and we supply you with a feedback in red.

Now lets try a different approach. You can choose a few memorable words and write them in a special way and add special characters. Lets use the phrase 3 liters of water and create the password 3LitersOfWater! It is that easy. You will always remember it, it makes logical sense, it is 14 characters long, it contains numbers, it has capital letters and one special character. Instantly qualifies as very strong. Bingo!

That said there are many ways to construct a strong password. The more complex it is the better.

I can not remember my old password

No problem. Drop the process of changing the password and log out of Manor. When you try to log in again press the Did you forget your password? link. There you will be sent a link to your email to reset the password.