It is very simple to enable the custom URL you received from Manor Support for your service portal. If you have not set up a custom URL you have to contact Manor Support first. What the custom URL does is enable you to "host" the service portal under your domain

Lets say your company is using the the domain:

Then your service portal URL could be:

What has to be done technically?

The one who takes care of your website hosting or an IT manager can easily add the records below to your DNS entries which enables the sub-domain approach for the service portal.

This entry has to be added to the DNS records: CNAME

If there is an SPF entry, then this has to be added to it if you wish to be able to send emails from Manor (like letters to service portal users with new passwords) directly to the user.

Once DNS setup is done let us at Support know so we can enable a few things for your portal to go live.

DNS is ready, now what?

Contact Manor Support and we finish everything on our side. Your portal will be up and running within the day if not hing strange pops up.