Adding users to the service portal is very easy. You simply navigate to Administration and then Service Portal. There  you can press the New user button. 

Then you will see a modal window to enter the new user's details.

Here you can enter name, email and select what clients, one or many, the user can see in his service portal.  The active flag tells if the user has an active access or is disabled. If you un-check active the user can no longer access the service portal.

When you are ready just press Add user and Manor will send the user a welcome email and offer him to select a password for the service portal. Once he selects the password he can access the service portal.

Be sure to check out the Service Portal Branding article to see how you can add your logo, name, company email and more and make everything about the service portal your own so your clients will see your company's name and logo in everything related to the service portal.

Be sure to add the correct clients

This is a very important. You must carefully select the clients the user can see in the service portal because the user can see all matters that each client has at your firm. If you select a wrong client you might be in breach of confidentiality terms with your client.