The Service Portal is a brilliant solution for firms that want to provide better online service to their clients. The portal enables your firm to grant your clients access to their matters. This means the clients can see their matters develop, access matter files, see matter invoices and more. At the same time they are less likely to call you or send an email to ask for updates on their matters thus allowing you to make the best use of your time.

What data is visible to service portal users?

Once you add a client to the service portal he can see all matters where he is set as a client. In each matter the clients can see all data you can see but the clients can not edit anything or add anything to the matter.

As you can see adding a client to the service portal is a choice of sharing all matter data with him. If that does not fit your relationship with the client you should not add him as a user.

How is the user experience on the Service Portal?

We think it is awesome! A classic experience would start by the user visiting your website and click a button called Service Portal. Here is an example.

Once the user clicks the Service Portal button he is sent to the login page. That is set up with your logo, company name and company details. See how to set them here. Here is what the login page looks like.

Once the user has logged  in he will see the portal where his matters are listed.

When he opens a matter he will see its details.

How to set up the service portal?

The Service Portal is included in all Manor instances and you can add users to it right now. Simply navigate to Administration and Service Portal.

See more details about how to add users.

What is the address on my service portal?

To be able to add a link to your firm's website you need to know the service portal website address or URL.

Please contact Manor Support for your customzed URL. A customized URL means that you can decide what to name the service portal and that name will be a sub-domain on your current website address. The address could there for be or depending on your preference.

A self service approach to portal URL is under construction.