An event is something you have to attend. It has a date as well as a start and an end time. Adding an event is very easy and you can see how to do it here. We keep all your events in a single place under Events in the left menu.

Here you can see what events are ahead, what is overdue and so on. It is very easy to search the events list by using the quick-filter or apply any of the filters. Once you see your events any one of them for better details.

Events on the dashboard

We show you the upcoming events that on the dashboard so you will be reminded of what is ahead in due time. We show them in the right column.

Email and text message notifications

You can set due date and due time on any event. Then you can set an alert if you want us to remind you of the event. If you do not notice the alerts we send you for an event we will fire an email and a text message to your mobile (be sure to set the correct mobile number in your profile) and make sure you do not miss any event.

What is the difference between an event and a task?

Good question. See the answer here.