It is very easy to set a special price to work, products and travel rates for a client. This means you can set a specific price that only applies in matters assigned to this client and has no effect on the other client's prices or your firm general prices. To set prices for a client you simply navigate to the client and press the Prices button. 

Then you can see a modal window that allows you to set prices. There are two columns that you should edit here for them to affect this client only. 

  • Client price column is set to monetary units, like $900

  • Client discount is set to percentage points, like 30%

The last column, effective price, will show you what your changes mean in the end. In the example above we want to set the price for a certain time rate to $900 instead of the rack price of $1000 so we set 900 in the client price column. Then we want a 30% discount to apply as well. This means the effective price for this client on all time entries added with this rate will be $900 with 30% which calculates to $630.

Note: These prices will apply to all matters for this client unless in those matters that have a special matter price set.

When you have set what you need just hit Save prices and the new prices are effective instantly.

How can I edit my list prices?

If you wish to edit our lit prices (often called rack prices) you can see how here.