It is very easy to set a special price to work, products and travel rates within a matter. This means you can set a specific price that only applies within a single matter and has no effect on the client prices or your firm general prices. To set prices for a matter you simply navigate to the matter and press the Prices button.

Then you can see a modal window that allows you to set prices. There are two columns that you should edit here for them to affect this matter only.

  • Matter price column is set in monetary units, like $800.

  • Matter discount column is set in percentage points, like 10%

The last column, effective price, will show you what your changes mean in the end. In the example above we want to set the price for a certain time rate to $800 instead of the rack price of $1000 so we set 800 in the matter price column. Then we want a 10% discount to apply as well. This means the effective price in this matter for all time entries added with this rate will be $800 with 10% which calculates to $720.

When you have set what you need just hit Save prices and the new prices are effective instantly.

Warning: If you change the client price or client discount columns here you are changing the client price and discount for that client in all places. This change will affect un-billed items in all matters of this client.

Will my price changes affect billed time entries?

No. Items that have been billed will keep their prices indefinitely for accounting and audit purposes.

Can I edit prices at any time?

Yes. You can always edit prices and they will affect your unbilled items.