In Manor all matters get a unique number that starts at 1 and then grow by one each time a matter is created. There is no limit to how high the number can get. Matter numbers are used all over Manor and you can search by them. Matters also have an optional name if you do not like to refer to them by numbers - every user has his way with this.

Are numbers reused?

No. Matter number 23 will always be number 23 although the matter is closed or even deleted. This means we can keep all relationships within the system working and if we restore matters or open them again they will come back to live with the same number.

Can I edit the matter number?

No. Matter numbers are generated in Manor and are a unique identification for this matter. Many items around the matter rely on the unique matter number to remain the same. 

Can I use my own number sequence?

Yes you can. Many users migrate to Manor from older systems where they had a live numbering sequence they would like to maintain and have Manor pick up on the sequence where the old system left off. Lets say the last matter number in the old system was M4556 and then the first issued in Manor should be M4557.

Note: This is a service level agreement feature available to our clients. Contact Manor support for details.

Can I add my own identifier to a matter?

Yes you can. Lets say you have a physical file storage that has its own numbering system and want to add a number for a box to the matter in Manor to link the physical evidence to the electronic matter in Manor. Easy. Just enable the external identifier feature. Navigate to Administration and then Settings where you find an area called External identifier. Switch it to on and add your own name to the field (lets use box number here as an example) and then you can see it on the single matter page and in all tables showing matters.

You can also search and sort matters by this identifier in the list of all matters.

See more details on external identifier.