It is very easy to close a matter in Manor. A closed matter is not shown in the list of open matters and is not accessible to users not participating in the matter. The matter own can always open the matter later. It is a good workflow policy to close matters that you have finished to keep the open matters list current.

To close a matter you go to the matter page and click the Actions button and select Close

What happens when I close a matter?

A few things happen.

  • Matter will no longer be accessible to participants of the matter.
  • Billable items can not be added to closed matters.
  • Only matter owner can open the matter again.

Also important:

  • Billable items already added to the matter will still be billable so no potential revenue is lost.
  • If using Box Drive then the matter folder will no longer be visible, can only re-appear if matter is opened.

Where can see my closed matters?

Closed matters are still visible in the matters list if you filter by closed matters.

Will I loose unbilled items on the matter if I close it?

No. Manor will always offer you to invoice unbilled items even though the matter has been closed. We do this to make sure you never loose revenue by accidentally closing a matter.

Here is an example. In the step above we closed this matter but it still shows up when doing invoices.

How do I re-open a matter?

That is easy. Just navigate to the matter and press the Actions button and select Open. If you re-open a matter other participants in the matter will now be able to access it and if using Box Drive the matter folder will show up again.

Note: Only the matter owner can re-open it.