It is easy to delete a matter in Manor. Before you do be sure you want to delete the matter. You can also close matters that allows you to open them again. But to delete a matter simply navigate to the matter and click the Actions button and select Delete

Note: In Manor we use a soft-delete approach to all delete functions. That means the item deleted will disappear from view but still remain in the underlying database which enables us to restore the data if requested. For total and irreversible delete (hard delete) please contact Manor support.

What is deleted?

When you delete a matter these items are permanently deleted.

  • All unbilled items such as time, travel, products and expenses.
  • All tasks related to the matter.
  • All events related to the matter.

What is not deleted?

There are a few things that will remain after you delete a matter.

  • All billable items that you had already billed. They remain for audit and accounting reasons.
  • Past events related to the matter.

I deleted a matter by mistake. Can I undo it?

Yes there is a way. When users delete matters they are removed from the instance but the raw data sill exists in your database. This is done to enable emergency restoration of data and is covered by the Manor user agreement. If you accidentally deleted a matter please contact Manor support for help.

What happens to matter files in deleted matters?

The files will be removed from the instance but still remain in underlying databases. To restore deleted files contact Manor support for help.

What is the difference between closing and deleting a matter?

  • Close: Always possible to re-open the matter for the matter owner.
  • Delete: Never possible to un-delete the matter and most of the things connected to it will be removed permanently from the instance. Only restore options are via Manor support.

Can I request a total permanent delete on a matter and all it's data?

Sure. You can contact Manor support to request us to do a so called hard delete where all data related to a matter are wiped out from your databases. Once that is done there is no way to restore the data.