Now it is time to add your first matter and the best is that it only takes a few seconds. Yes! 

First  you click the blue Add button in the upper right corner and select Matter from the list.

Once you click it you will see a modal window that asks for more details on the matter.

You only have to write in the name of the matter and its VAT settings. Everything else is optional.

Other matter details 

  • Matter name is the name you select for the matter. You can change any time later.
  • Matter template is optional and has to be created before hand in the Administration area. They are handy if you are working with same type of matter again and again. More details on templates here.
  • Client is the client on the matter.
  • Owner is you or a colleague that is responsible for this matter. Matter owner can add and remove people from the matter.
  • Participants are your colleagues working with you on the matter. They will see everything within the matter once they are added to it. If you remove a participant the matter will be removed from his list of matters.
  • Contacts are this matters contact on behalf of the client.
  • Subjects is handy to organize matters within your firm. You can add and remove subjects in the Administration area. More details on subjects here.
  • VAT is value added tax and you have to set your preference for the matter when you create it. You can always change this later but the field is mandatory to minimize risk of billing a matter incorrectly without VAT.
  • Language is the client's language and we use this to generate work reports in his language and more.
  • Billable is a setting enabled by default. If you are working on this matter for free - you should uncheck this box and this matter will not show up when doing invoices or in revenue reports.

Once you are done adding matter details you can click "Save matter".

Now you should see your new matter on the screen. Well done!

save image