Each client in Manor has a specific currency assigned to it. Currency is selected when the client is created in Manor. To edit client currency you simply to and edit the client details.

The currency selected will control what currency is used in the clients matters. If the client has USD as currency his matters will also be in USD and all invoices issued in these matters will be in USD.

My currency is not in the list

We enable the most frequently used currencies in the list by default. You can always enable any currency you like by navigating to Administration and then Currencies. Once there, simply press Enable new currency.

What about clients that operate in many currencies?

If you need to use two ore more difference currencies for a single client you should create a client for each currency. That means you have to assign matters to the correct client to get correct currency on it.

What exchange rates are used?

We are connected live to foreign exchange markets and fetch the newest rates there. The market exchange rate is used for currency conversions unless you have specified a special price in each currency - see details here in chapter Prices in different currencies.

You can see the live currency rates under Administration and then Currencies.