It is very easy to set up your company's VAT settings. VAT depends on your location and/or region of business. Manor support any kind of VAT rate. You can even skip VAT all together if that fits your needs. Most companies are subject to VAT or Sales tax of some sort which is then added to invoices upon billing.

Set your VAT rates

Depending on your country of business you can set your custom VAT rates by navigating to Administration and VAT rates. There you can add or edit the rates to your needs.

VAT is defined for each matter

When adding a new matter or editing matter details you can decide if VAT applies to the matter or not. This is optional since it is quite variable if VAT applies or note in many service industries. If you select Yes to VAT then the invoice in this matter will include the appropriate VAT on each billable item on the invoice.

VAT when adding billable items

When you add billable items to a matter you do not have to worry about VAT rates. But when you add an expense you have to tell Manor what VAT rate should apply since it depends on the goods or services in question.

Changing a matter VAT settings

You can always change the VAT settings for a matter by going to the matter and editing the matter details.