Our access controls are role based which means that  you can create a role, like summer intern that you will then assign to the users that will work as summer interns. Then you can edit the permissions of the summer intern role at any time and it will apply to all the uses you assigned this role.

How to create and edit user roles

When you navigate to Administration and then Roles you can see how to create a new role that you can then assign to users. It is very easy to tailor roles to the user or users groups in question.

Built in roles

We offer three standardized roles by default that can not be deleted. You can see what each role includes by navigating to Administration and then Roles and pressing each role in the list. The basic idea is this.

  • User is what every single user has assigned as a base role. It simply allows him to exist within Manor. A simple user can not see anything of importance such as prices, invoices, etc.

  • Manager is intended for users that have a management role within your firm and need to be able to work on billing, invoices, reports, etc.

  • Administrator is for the single user responsible for the Manor instance within your firm. This is often the head of IT or the member of your team that has the best IT knowledge. Administrators can access all data within the instance.