It is very easy to add a product to a matter in Manor. Product is considered to be something you wish to charge to matters as pieces. This can be items such as a standardized document such as "company bylaws" that you charge a fixed price for regardless of time and effort spent on it. You simply charge one piece of this product.

To add a product press the blue Create new button and select Product.

Then you will see a modal window that allows you add more details on the product.

You only have to fill the fields marked with the red asterisk * but it is smart to add more information.

  • Matter is the matter to which you wish to add this product to.

  • Product description is a good description of the product. This description shows up on work reports.

  • Quantity is how many pieces of this product you wish to add to the matter.

  • Billable quantity is optional if you would, for some reason, like to charge a different quantity.

  • Rate is one of the product rates listed in your rates / price list. (See how to edit rates.)

  • Custom Price is optional if you wish to overwrite the rate in this case.

  • Effective price is a calculated number to show you what the final price will be given quantity and rate.

  • Date is when you added the product to the matter.

  • Payer is normally "same as client" but you can select some one else if you want him to pay for this product.

Then just hit Save product.

Now you have added a product to a matter! Well done!