Adding time entries is very easy and intuitive. If you press the always visible blue Create new button you can see Time in the list.

Once you press Time the add time modal window will appear on your screen.

Here you can enter the details of the time entry.

  • Matter is the matter to which you wish to add this time entry. You can move the entry to another matter later if needed. You can also create a new matter for this time entry by pressing the New matter button next to the field.

  • Date is the datestamp on the entry and is normally the date at which the work was done.

  • Begins/Ends is the starting and end time for the time entry. Note that your client will never see this information since all work reports and client details show duration in terms of hours. So an entry from 9 pm - 11 pm will be shown to your client as 02:00 hrs of work.

  • Duration is the calculated duration given your start / end times.

  • Billable hours is normally the same as duration but you can decide to change it. This number will then show up when you go to billing or generate a work report. The duration will still be there but not relevant to the client.

  • Description is what you did during this work period. The more details the more likely your client will accept it for payment later and the happier he will be with your efforts.

  • Suggestions are the latest descriptions used in this matter. Click any of them and they will be added to the description field.

  • Internal note is for internal use if you like to add a comment to this time entry. Clients will never see internal notes.

  • Payer is normally same as client but if you want to charge this entry to someone else you can select a payer. The entry will still belong to the same matter but the payer will be different.

  • Rate is the price at which you will charge this time entry. Total price for the entry is rate x duration. See all about rates here.

  • User is the user that is adding the time entry. If you are adding an entry for someone else (and have the privileges to do so) then you can select another user.

Then you enable the checkbox for Show my time performance if you like a feedback on your time performance after submitting this entry.

And of course, when all is set, just press Save time.

User your mouse to draw the time entry

A very nice feature when adding time is to use the mouse to draw the time entry directly into the left yellow column. Simply press it where ever you like and hold your mouse button while drawing the box on the yellow area. Then release it and you have successfully defined your time entry in terms of start / end time. You can then drag it around, move the start or end around. How nice!

Overview of your time entries

We have a stellar interface to manage your time entries. Check them out by navigating to Time and then selecting Week. There you can see your entries by week in a graphical setup. Then just draw your next time entry where it should be - see how here.