Manor has a unique user interface for adding time entries. We designed the graphical approach to maximize your potential revenue. To see the graphical view simply navigate to Time.

This view shows you the week days, side by side, and your entries as boxes. You can instantly see where you did not log time, what days are still empty, where you have holes in your day and where you can add more billable hours.

And here is the best part: To add time - simply draw it with your mouse! Just click an empty space and hold the mouse button down while you draw your time entry. Once you release it the modal for entry details will show up.

Now the time entry has been added and it only took a few seconds!

Move and resize time entries

You can easily move time entries around the calendar or change their size (start and end times) with our mouse. Simply grab on them with your mouse and drag them around. To resize simply grab their border and do the resize.

Edit Time Entries

Editing time entries is very easy. Click the edit icon on any of the time entries you see on your graphical calendar. Once you click it a modal with entry details will show up.

Delete Time Entries

If you like to delete a time entry you can see on the graphical calendar you simply press the x icon on the time entry and then confirm the delete action.

Duplicate a Time Entry

Duplicating a time entry is handy if you are working on the same matter again. Simply press the copy icon on the entry and another identical entry will show up right next to it.

How to set Time Increments

By default time increments in the graphical interface is set to 15 minutes. This is variable between countries and sectors so you can easily set this to your own preference by going to Administration and then Settings and find an area named Time.

  • See step by step instructions on how to set time increments

How to set start and end times of calendars

It is very easy to set the starting point and endpoint of the calendar. By default it is 8 am - 6 pm and will extend if there is a time entry outside of that frame. You can also set the default values by navigating to Administration and then Settings and find an area named Time. 

  • See step by step instructions on how to set the time frame.