It is good to have your personal information correct so that you can get the full experience out of Manor when working with colleges within Manor. You can very easily manage everything related to you as a user in a single place on your profile page.

First step is to click your name in the upper left/center corner.

Then you will see your profile page and all the options related to your user profile.

Here are details on each of the settings.

  • User details is where you set your name, initials, email, phone and language.
  • Profile picture is where you add or update your profile picture. The picture is only used within the instance to show users participating in matters, events, tasks and so on.
  • Box file storage is where you enable the integration with file storage. You need to have a special manor-box subscription to enable this feature.
  • Outlook integration is where you enable your connection to Outlook to enable flow of events, tasks, etc.
  • Court events integration is where you enable live feed of events from the Icelandic court system.

  • Start page  is the page you see first after log in.
  • Time performance is a valuable feedback you can get after adding billable items to matters on your progress.
  • Timezone is your current timezone.

You can also change your password on the profile page by pressing the Change Password button.